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Solazyme: ROI next year, and some Return on Dream too

Signature AkzoNobel deal expansion highlights Solazyme’s Q2 results. But there’s something more to this company than the cash that sustains it, though sustain it cash does, and necessarily so. In California, Solazyme and AkzoNobel announced that they have expanded their multi-year agreement with supply terms targeting 10,000 MT annually of algal oils for a new […]

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The Boss From Hell? EPA, Congress and advanced biofuels

Here are 5 Tell-Tale Signs that you have the Boss from Hell. And when it comes to the US federal government and advanced biofuels, all five are kinda pointin’ right at ol’ Uncle Sam. Congress passed the Renewable Fuels Standard in 2007, as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act, and appointed EPA to take […]

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Heard on the Floor at the DOE’s Biomass 2014 conference: US Navy, Abengoa, INEOS Bio, LanzaTech in the newsmix

Captain James C. Goudreau, Director, Navy Energy Coordination Office Stay the course. There is always risk, always naysayers. When we moved from sail to coal, coal to oil, oil to nuclear, there were always people who said we had the wrong idea, or there was no need. Nothing more difficult more perilous than to take […]

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The 25 Hottest Topics in the advanced bioeconomy

1. The Hot 50 and Hot 30 A perennial favorite. This year, Solazyme topped the list while LanzaTech slipped into second place. More here. The Top 100 People Another perennial. This year, international project developers made a big move while some policy figures slipped. But US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack continues to rule the […]

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Producer News

First-ever commercial flight on farnesene flies Orlando to Sao Paolo

In Florida, GOL’s flight 7725 that departed from Orlando, Florida on July 30 at 5:15 PM ET and traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, was the industry’s first commercial flight with farnesane. GOL committed to fly its Boeing 737 fleet with up to a 10 percent blend of the renewable farnesane fuel starting with this initial […]

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Gevo sells $18 million in stock to fund Luverne project completion

In Colorado, Gevo announced that it has priced its underwritten public offering of common stock units. Gevo announced that it has agreed to sell 30,000,000 common stock units. Each common stock unit consists of one share of common stock and a warrant to purchase 0.5 shares of common stock, at a public offering price of […]

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Biodiesel bolo factor slips to lowest in six months

In New York state, the biodiesel bolo factor—the difference between household heating oil and soy oil— fell to minus 23.5 cents/gal, the lowest since Feb. 3. Cheaper soy oil prices due to an expected bumper crop and leading to improved biodiesel margins having been outweighing softer heating oil prices.  

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New Britain Palm Oil’s majority shareholder puts up Sime Darby Berhad

In the UK, New Britain Palm Oil’s majority shareholder Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad has designated Sime Darby Berhad as its preferred winner for offloading its entire 48.97% stake in the company. The terms of the proposed deal nor whether it would result in a formal takeover. Kulim was forbidden last year by Papua New Guinea’s competition […]

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5-Minute Guides

The Biofuels Debt Offensive: New Perspectives, and 5-Minute Guide to the Players in financing at scale

In Part 3 of 3 in our series on commercial-scale financing, we look at the real problems, the new paradigm, the nature of de-risking, the role of strategics. Plus, a 5-Minute Guide to the Major Players in biobased financing at scale. In Part I of our series, we looked at the slowdown in bioenergy financing, […]

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The Complete 2014 5-Minute Guides

The Complete List of Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guides, published to date: Abengoa Bioenergy Algenol Altranex American Process Amyris Applied Biorefinery Sciences Applied Research Associates (ARA) Avantium Avello Bioenergy BASF Beta Renewables BioAmber BP Biofuels Butamax Calysta Energy Cellana Ceres Clariant Cobalt Technologies Cool Planet Coskata Direvo Industrial Biotechnology DSM Bio-based Products & Services DuPont […]

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Liquid Light: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Liquid Light develops electrocatalytic technology to make major chemicals from low-cost, globally abundant carbon dioxide (CO2).  Licensees benefit from a lower cost of production and can reduce their carbon footprint. Liquid Light is funded by BP Ventures, Redpoint, Osage University, VantagePoint and Chrysalix, and now coming out of stealth after six years of developing a […]

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Primus Green Energy: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Primus’ liquid fuel synthesis technology is a proprietary low cost  process to convert syngas to gasoline, jet fuel and aromatic chemicals directly, without the need for further treatment. The result is a highly efficient process, producing approximately 5 gallons of drop-in transportation fuels per mmBTU of natural gas. The process produces drop-in fuels that are ready for […]

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R&D News

JBEI develops new tool to genetically engineer energy crops

In California, a powerful new tool that can help advance the genetic engineering of “fuel” crops for clean, green and renewable bioenergy, has been developed by researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), a multi-institutional partnership led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). The JBEI researchers have developed an […]

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University of Illinois researchers look at low-fat DDGS for pig feed

In Illinois, researchers at the University of Illinois are evaluating DDGS following oil removal for use in swine diets. “Dietary fat concentration has been shown to be a factor in the digestibility of nutrients,” said Hans Stein, a professor of animal sciences at U of I. “Because DDGS supplies a significant amount of protein in […]

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OSU researchers say camelina could be good crop during dry years

In Oregon, researchers at Oregon State University are finding that growers could earn about $300 per acre from camelina even during very dry years. So far this year the trial plots near Ontario have only received about 6 inches of rain. Willamette Biomass Processors currently buys camelina from Montana so would be happy to have […]

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Study shows better yield potential for miscanthus in Iowa

In Iowa, miscanthus would deliver even better yields than once thought in Iowa, according to research by agronomists at Iowa State University. The research indicates that miscanthus, a towering grass native to Asia, could have a major role to play in the future of Iowa agriculture, both as a source of biomass for energy and […]

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Policy & Policymakers

Grassley files amendments to jobs bill bringing back biodiesel tax breaks

In Washington, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa filed amendments to restore the wind energy and domestic biodiesel tax incentives to the Bring Jobs Home Act before the Senate. The Bring Jobs Home Act has been widely criticized as a political messaging bill from the Senate majority that isn’t expected to pass and won’t accomplish its […]

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Kansas’ ethanol industry goes after Rep. for co-signing bill to end RFS

In Kansas, Kansas Association of Ethanol Processors, the Kansas Corn Growers, Kansas Farm Bureau and the Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association along with ICM, Conestoga Energy Partners, Western Plains Energy, Nesika Energy and Kansas Ethanol have all sent a letter to U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp demanding he withdraw his co-sponsorship of a bill that would […]

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US Grains Council wants Vilsack to speak directly to Chinese over DDGS ban

In Washington, the U.S. Grains Council has called on agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack to personally intervene on the Chinese ban of DDGS that include MIR 162. is calling for China to approve MIR 162 following this week’s announcement of new biotech certification requirements for distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) by the Chinese import inspection […]

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Rep. Upton wants to bring RFS reform to the table after EPA announces blend

In Washington, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is looking to introduce legislation that would reform the RFS from 2015, apparently hoping for a consensus approach once people come to the table following the EPA’s long-overdue blending mandates for 2014. Preparatory work is being done so that when […]

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Financial News

Biofuels Digest Index falls to 78.41 as advanced biofuels tank

The Biofuels Digest Index, an index of publicly traded biofuels stocks, was slammed, falling 3.13 percent to 78.41 as advanced biofuels tanked on a day when US equities were sharply down after disappointing corporate earnings. For the day, Gevo (GEVO) collapsed 29.40 percent to $0.51 after a dilutive cap raise, while Solazyme (SZYM) fell 6.56 […]

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Biofuels Digest Index flat at 80.94 despite advanced biofuels surge

The Biofuels Digest Index, an index of publicly traded biofuels stocks, was flat at 80.94 despite an advanced biofuels surge. For the day, Gevo (GEVO) soared 16.74 percent to $0.72, while Solazyme (SZYM) jumped 5.93 percent to $10.36. Among other equities, Codexis (CDXS) rocketed up 11.34 percent to $2.16. Overall, declines led advances 10 to […]

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Biofuels Digest Index rebounds to 81.01 as advanced biofuels surge

The Biofuels Digest Index, an index of publicly traded biofuels stocks, rebounded 0.86 percent to 81.01 as advanced biofuels surged. For the day, Algae.Tec (AEB.AX) gained 12.54 percent to $0.10, while Solazyme (SZYM) jumped 4.70 percent to $10.24. Among other equities, Biox (BX.T) plunged 14.29 percent to $0.60. Overall, declines and advances were even for […]

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Biofuels Digest Index edge down to 80.32 as advanced biofuels fall

The Biofuels Digest Index, an index of publicly traded biofuels stocks, edged down 0.79 percent to 80.32 as advanced biofuels fell. For the day, OriginOil dumped 11.33 percent to $0.18, while Aemetis (AMTX) plunged 15.03 percent to $10.01. Among other equities, Biox (BX.T) soared 29.63 percent to $0.70. Overall, declines led advances 2 to 1 […]

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ABA wants White House to push EPA on faster pathway approvals

In Washington, the Advanced Biofuels Association is pushing the White House to speed up the approval process for new fuel pathways that would unlock the availability of more second-generation fuels on the market. Currently more than 35 applications are under review by the EPA, with an average approval process of two years, yet the EPA […]

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New trigeneration system makes small-scale biofuel-powered CHP viable

In the UK, an innovative ‘trigeneration’ system fuelled entirely by raw plant oils could have great potential for isolated homes and businesses operating outside grid systems both in the UK and abroad. Developed by a consortium led by Newcastle University and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) through the RCUK Energy […]

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On the Move in the Advanced bioeconomy: Codexis, Flint Hill Resources

In Nebraska, Flint Hills Resources has hired Russell Leighton and Jeremy Morse to lead the Duonix biodiesel plant in Beatrice Nebraska. The biodiesel plant is part of a joint venture between Flint Hills Resources and Benefuel, Inc., known as Duonix, LLC. In May, Flint Hills Resources announced they would begin retrofitting the plant in preparation […]

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Ohio set to host $400 million biodiesel plant

In Ohio, a $400 million biodiesel plant is being developed in Lawrence County at The Point business park, The facility is expected to bring 100 high-paying jobs to the Tri-State area and will be open in 2018. No other details about the project were revealed. The area has been attracting new businesses over the past […]

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AgriBeef demands investors pay $3 million default on loan to North Star Biofuels

In California, Idaho’s AgriBeef is demanding its other partners in the North Star Biofuels venture in Watsonville pay $3 million of a $9 million loan the company put up in 2012 to start construction on the facility. The project only came online in June 2014, meaning that the first $3 million in payments were defaulted […]

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PTT may use spoiled rice for ethanol

In Thailand, the Finance Ministry may sell 100,000 metric tons of spoiled rice to PTT for use as ethanol feedstock after discovering that so much of the rice pledged by farmers at between THB15,000 and THB20,000 per ton had spoiled. Though the price still has to be negotiated, the finance ministry’s permanent secretary expects that […]

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