GM says limited Volt distribution led to decision to forego E85 in early models

February 18, 2010 |

In Michigan, General Motors offered background to its decision not to introduce E85 capability in the initial release of the Chevrolet Volt hybrid.

GM’s Alan Adler told that “flex-fuel availability for the Volt at launch has been delayed. Our decision is based in part on the Volt rollout plan to California, Washington, DC, and Michigan. Of the three launch markets, only Michigan has any significant availability of E85 ethanol. California has a handful of stations, most in the Sacramento area; DC may have one or two; Michigan has more than 60.”

The total sales forecast for the Chevy Volt in year one is 8,000 cars, and GM also is reporting that it does not expect heavy use of the internal combustion engine that is offered as a range extender on the Volt. At 10 percent usage, the Volt would represent about 350,000 gallons of ethanol demand in year one.

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