BAL macroalgae project in Chile assessing inpact of earthquake on R&D timelines

| March 8, 2010

In Chile, Xconomy profiled the impact of the Chilean earthquake on BAL, the  Bio Architecture Lab that is a spinoff of the University of Washington and is developing technologies to convert macroalgae into biobutanbol. The company has partnered with Dupont in a $9 million research grant from ARPA-E, and Dupont has invested another $17.7 million in the project.

Chile’s Austral Capital has invested $8 million in BAL, while a local economic development group has added $7 million. The group chose Chile for its established aquaculture industry, and said that all its staff have been located.

The group is now assessing if the earthquake will have impact on the company’s R&D timelines.

More on the story.


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