British Airways says portion of EU carbon taxes should support biofuels development

March 29, 2010 |

At World Biofuels Markets, British Airways’ Head of Environment Jonathon Counsell presented on the impact of the carbon emissions on the aviation sector — and the rationale for biofuels expansion — and GreenAirOnline’s Chris Surgenor was there to cover with his typically in-depth summation of the state of play for BA and its proposed biofuels project in East London.

Counsell presented the concept that a portion of up to $20 billion per year collected from the airline industry for carbon credits should be spent in support of low-carbon industry technologies.

Surgenor reported that SAS Group’s Director of Environment and Sustainability, Niels-Eirik Nertun, was not optimistic that such a scheme would evolve. Meanwhile, the $280 million British Airways-Solena project, converting waste biomass to biofuels, is expected to commebce construction in 2012 and open in 2014 with 19 Mgy in capacity from 50,000 tones of waste biomass.

The project is expecting to receive a tip-in fee from local councils, which now charge $100 per ton in landfill taxes.

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