India's CSMCR Institute disovers microbe to power conversion of biodiesel residues into bio-plastics

April 2, 2010 |

In India, Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute announced that it has discovered a microbial organism in Indian territorial waters that will facilitate the conversion of glycerol waste from jatropha biodiesel production into biodegradable plastic. has discovered microbe from Indian waters to manufacture bio-degradable plastic using a by product of Jatropha plant.

According to CSMCRI, it has has filed patent for this integrated process of extracting bio-diesel from Jatropha in close to fifteen countries, and the group has also developed oil cake, soap, fertilizer, and coal-like briquettes as co-products, using jatropha residues. The group said that it has brought down the cost of jatropha biodiesel production to $3.37 per gallon ($.89 per liter) using the co-product revenues as offsets.

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