EPA approves LS9 UltraClean Diesel for sale; first one-step, drop in renewable diesel OK'd for market

April 15, 2010 |

In California, LS9 announced that its UltraClean Diesel was officially registered by the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and can now be  sold commercially in the United States. The drop-in replacement for conventional diesel is free of benzene, a common carcinogen, and contains only trace amounts or sulfur, is is the first approved renewable diesel produced in a single-step production process by proprietary LS9-developed microorganisms, using sugar as a feedstock.

LS9 genetically engineers the microorganisms to precisely produce fuels with improved properties such as cetane, volatility, oxidative stability and cold-flow, and provides an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional petroleum diesel.

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