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Transformative Technologies 2010 nominees: Biodiesel systems

| June 7, 2010

Nominations: Biodiesel systems
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SBI Bioenergy
“Breakthrough technology delivering biodiesel answering cost, environment and quality concerns, producing waste free high quality biodiesel and glycerine without subsidy. Continuous single stage combined FFA and tri-glyceride processing of any feedstock using a non-consumed catalyst, no water, no chemicals, little energy.  Capital and operating costs are a fraction of conventional. Plants scaled from very small skid-mount type through small footprint industrial scale.”

Mcgyan process
The Mcgyan process can process soy oil and 100% fatty acid waste oils with a continuous, solid metal catalytic process that uses no water, has no emissions, has no problematic co-products, uses no toxic chemicals, and most importantly is indifferent to free fatty acid content.  The EverCat Fuels plant has been open since November proving the technology at a commercial scale.  It has been using 100% FFA waste oils that are priced at 30% or more less than yellow grease and beef tallow (the two feedstocks used by traditional U.S. biodiesel plants).

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