Algae biodiesel costing 7.17 Euros per gallon: study

October 7, 2010 |

In the Netherlands, researchers from Wageningen University, in a study published in Energy Policy, concluded that the current cost of producing algal-based biodiesel has dropped to 52.3 Euros per gigajoule of energy (7.17 Euros per gallon of biodiesel), compared with 36 Euros per gigajoule for rapeseed and only 15.8 Euros for oil.

Environmental economist Justus Wesseler said that the figures are based on the current generation of algae processors, and that “the facilities are not the most modern and efficient. In the past year, the conversion of algae into biodiesel has become more efficient and, therefore, less costly.” Wesseler concluded that the commercial feasibility of algae production had a high degrees of probability, either based on rising productivity of reactors, or rising costs of fossil-based oil.

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