Amyris, Solazyme vie for lead in 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy on first day of subscriber voting

November 16, 2010 |

Amyris, Ceres, Gevo, Novozymes, OriginOil, Petrobras, POET, Sapphire Energy, Shell, and Solazyme formed the top 10 in the opening day of subscriber balloting for the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy.

Balloting will be open to the registered subscribers of the Biofuels Digest, Geothermal Digest and Renewable Chemicals Digest e-newsletters, through Monday November 30th at 5pm EST, as well as a panel of invited international selectors.

“First day voting is less than a perfect indicator,” observed Biofuels Digest editor and publisher Jim Lane, noting that first day voting often reflects the enthusiasm of employees, investors and other ‘friends of the company” that are among Digest subscribers. “At the same time, its not surprising to see any of these companies vying for the lead, as they have been making waves in the media all year. If there’s one trend we can see already, it is that the hottest companies are generally those making strong moves towards commercialization with their advances towards improved yields and commercialization.”

First day results include only ballots submitted by Digest subscribers. Ballots from the invited international selectors, which make up half of the overall scoring, are now being received and will also finalize on November 30th. The invited selectors ballots generally feature a broader range of companies in terms of geographies and processing technologies.

Just outside the Top 10

Knocking on the door of the Top 10 are companies such as Algenol, Cobalt Technologies, Codexis, Enerkem, Genencor, Joule Unlimited, LS9, Mascoma, PetroAlgae, Qteros, Terrabon, Verenium and Waste Management. Just behind those are companies such as BP, Cosan, IneosBIO, REG, UOP and ZeaChem.

All of this year’s IPOs and candidates – Amyris, Codexis, Gevo, and PetroAlgae – find themselves vying for the Top 20, while waste biofuels investors and developers Terrabon and Waste Management find themselves in sharply elevated positions compared to previous years.

Selectors Data Book – 380 pages of free industry data, company profiles

All selectors are able to take advantage of what has been described as the “most comprehensive, free data resource in bioenergy,” the 380-page “Selectors Data Book” which includes company profiles, surveys and industry data.

Subscriber ballots and the Data Book are available in the daily Biofuels Digest newsletter, which is available free via

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