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50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy: the top 50 in the selectors' poll

| December 7, 2010

1 Amyris
2 LS9
4 Solazyme
5 Gevo
6 Virent
7 Coskata
8 Codexis
9 Enerkem
10 Mascoma
11 Novozymes
12 UOP
13 Ceres
14 Sapphire Energy
15 Cobalt Biofuels
16 DuPont Danisco
17 Joule
18 Qteros
19 Bluefire Renewables
20 Petrobras
21 BP Biofuels
22 Abengoa Energy
23 Rentech
24 Shell
25 ZeaChem
26 Genencor
27 LanzaTech
28 Neste
29 SG Biofuels
30 Synthetic Genomics
31 Algenol
32 PetroAlgae
33 Dynamic Fuels
34 RangeFuels
35 Iogen
36 Butamax
37 Fulcrum Bioenergy
38 KiOR
39 Cosan
40 KL Energy
41 Terrabon
42 Inbicon
43 ExxonMobil
44 SynGest
45 IneosBio
46 AE Biofuels
47 Solix
48 Praj Industries
49 Chemrec
50 Waste Management

A couple of interesting trends in the selector voting this year. First, we note that the selectors are getting seriously behind drop-in fuels, handing five of the top 6 slots to drop-in fuels developers.

We also noted that a couple of companies did markedly better in selector voting. Enerkem, Virent, Joule, Dynamic Fuels, Bluefire Renewables, SG Biofuels, Fulcrum Bioenergy, KiOR, KL Energy, Inbicon, SynGest, AE Biofuels, Solix and Praj. That’s a wide mix of companies – cellulosic ethanol, microbial fermentation, pyrolysis, feedstock companies, systems developers, algae.

One thing we note as a common thread – the selectors were rewarding progress in steel in the ground, product releases, project announcements. The selectors were a little less interested in visibility, and more focused on credibility, even if the announcements were coming from new companies just coming out of stealth mode.

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