Avjet Biotech licenses NC State technology for GMO microalgae

April 20, 2011 |

In North Carolina, Avjet Biotech, Inc. (ABI), a leading developer of small distributive refining systems in the 10 to 15 million gallon per year range and parent company of Red Wolf Refining, has announced that it has concluded a license agreement to secure exclusive rights to a technology portfolio developed at NC State University for producing biofuels from triglycerides (fats), and for producing products from genetically modified marine microalgae.

As the exclusive licensee for the commercialization of these technologies, Avjet Biotech will sell stock and use the funds raised to reimburse the university for its investment in patent applications, as well as allocate development capital to create a continuous production model for the biofuel refining system. The license agreement is global in scope and extends to 22 foreign countries where patents have been filed.

Red Wolf Refining has developed the RWR System, a unique patented refining technique that uses a thermal catalytic process to refine any triglyceride into aviation biofuels. The RWR System is under development for sale as a small distributive refining system to global entities or foreign governments that aspire to produce aviation biofuels from native feedstocks. Red Wolf has been approached by global corporations and foreign governments for sub-licenses for its RWR System.

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