Biofuels Digest Community debuts online: social media for biofuels

May 23, 2011 |

A social media online that’s all biofuels, all the time.

Free data for downloads, special groups, activity streams, private messaging, and more.

Today, the Digest is launching our new online Biofuels Digest Community, going to the next level in connecting you with contacts and opportunities in the bio-based world. Plus, a chance to share about your activities and achievement, your views, your needs.

To join the community and begin networking like crazy, register online here. All at our usual “everyday low price of free”.


Our goal: to super-connect our five communities: the 25,000 Digest newsletter readers, 48,000 online readers, 3,500 group members on Facebook and Linked in, 1,000 conference attendees, and 5,500 LinkedIn connections.

We aim to make this supercommunity a daily online home for more than 10,000 organizations in the biofuels community, or about 70 percent of those currently experiencing the Digest on a one-way basis through our publications.

That’s a lot of opportunities for mutual benefit – and two-way is better than one-way.

Plus, tighter integration with content from Digest conferences: we’ll distribute speaking opportunities, daily conference coverage, and post-event presentation feeds through the Community.


Activity streams: Global, personal and group activity streams with threaded commenting, direct posting, favoriting and @mentions. All with full RSS feed and email notification support.

Friend connections: Make connections so you can track the activity of others, or filter on only those members you care about the most.

Private messaging: Private messaging will allow community users to talk to each other directly, and in private. Not just limited to one on one discussions, you can send messages to multiple recipients.

Special Groups: Powerful public, private or hidden groups allow you to break the biofuels discussion down into specific topics.

Make and share profiles: You choose how to describe yourself.

What is the Biofuels Community about?

You. Plus the friends you’ll need to succeed in this pilgrimage from movement to industry – as we build out the replacement to the global oil & gas platform.

138 free downloads online to get you started.

Day 1 at the Digest Community – an updated, expanded set of free downloads in our Bioenergy Information Zone (BIZ), including:

130 advanced biofuels projects in development via the Advanced Biofuels Project Database, and the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy complete dataset. Plus, 81 biofuels investments, biofuels jobs; data on supply, demand & economics, US national and state reports and forecasts, international reports and forecasts, policy documents, key presentations from industry conferences, and specialized reports on fuels and feedstocks.

It’s all free!

To get started, visit us online here:


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