Corn oil extraction rate doubled with new technology

June 10, 2011 |

In Minnesota, U.S. Water Ethanol Process Technologies, reported the development of COR, an enhancement additive proven to increase the removal of corn oil from mechanical separation systems at dry-mill ethanol plants more efficiently than other products in the market.

According to the company, the implemented COR programs have been effective across the country increasing corn oil extraction by 25-100%, potentially at milder process conditions, depending on the effectiveness or barriers associated with stand alone mechanical separation. Use of the additive has also resulted in longer operation between cleaning as well as softer deposits that are easier to remove.

According to U.S. Water, once facility was producing 0.22 /bushel of corn oil, with visible solids and cloudy appearance apparent in the corn oil extracted. After implementation of US Water COR product optimized for their system, production was increased to 0.48 lbs/bushel with a reduction of cloudiness and solids in the appearance of the extracted corn oil, and concomitant increase in profits.

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