Aquaflow Bionomic, CRI partner for algal drop-in fuels investigation

August 24, 2011 |

In New Zealand, Aquaflow Bionomic announced its agreement with CRI Catalyst, to evaluate projects that bring together Aquaflow’s unique algal capability and the IH2 technology to produce commercially viable cellulosic hydrocarbon fuels and blend stocks.

CRI has acquired exclusive global sublicensing rights for the IH2 technology from Illinois-based Gas Technology Institute where the technology was developed.

The Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion (IH2) technology cost-effectively converts biomass directly into renewable gasoline, jet and diesel hydrocarbon blendstocks. IH2 produces significant amounts of export energy in addition to the renewable transportation fuels, while minimizing impact on the surrounding environment by manufacturing its own hydrogen and recycling the water used in the process.

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