Cobalt, Joule in last minute Transformative Technologies surge

September 2, 2011 |

As the final hour nears for Transformative Technologies third-round voting, Cobalt Technologies and Joule Unlimited have been surging in last-minute voting. Cobalt is making a bid for a come-from-behind upset over the renowned technologies of Solazyme, and Joule is surging in an attempt to pull away from Mascoma in a battle for East Coast synthetic biology crowing rights.

Two other races that have tightened – Virent has been pulling nearer to Terrabon in their Central Regional tilt, while LS9 and Enerkem remain locked in a tense duel in the International Regional, with LS9 currently holding a 51-49 edge.

Meanwhile, Novozymes and OriginOil seemed poised for unexpected upsets – Novozymes pulling away from #1 seed Amyris in the International Regional, while OriginOil now seems safely ahead of #2 seed Codexis in the Western Regional. Gevo and Qteros are also comfortably ahead of POET and INEOS Bio in their match-ups.

Polls will close in Sweet Sixteen, third-round voting at 5pm Eastern time, Friday September 5, and the eight winners will advance to Elite Eight match ups and a shot at the Final Four.

As of 3pm on Friday, two hours before polls close, the vote was as follows:

International Regional
Amyris 47 vs Novozymes 53
LS9 51 vs Enerkem 49

Eastern Regional
INEOS Bio 47 vs Qteros 53
Mascoma 48 vs Joule 52

Central Regional
Gevo 5 6vs POET 44
Terrabon 53 vs Virent 47

Western Regional
Solazyme 52 vs Cobalt 48
OriginOil 56 vs Codexis 44





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