Final day in Elite Eight voting for Transformative Technologies 2011

September 9, 2011 |

In Florida, OriginOil, Joule Unlimited, Terrabon and Novozymes continue to hold their early leads from Elite Eight quarterfinal voting in the 2011 Transformative Technologies tournament. #1 Western seed Solazyme, #1 Central seed Gevo and #2 International seed LS9 are trailing in their match-ups as the last day begins in Elite Eight balloting.

“The top seeds will need a big surge to avoid upsets today,” commented Digest editor Jim Lane. “Meanwhile, there are some great underdogs who I expect will be making an all out push with their supporters, to get over the last hurdles here, and into the Final Four. The last day of voting is always big in volume, so no one should feel completely safe, or feel as if victory is out of reach.”

Quarterfinal voting closes at 5pm ET Friday, September 9th. Winners in this round advance to the Final Four.

The Elite Eight

Here are the vote totals (expressed in percentages) so far:

International Regional
Novozymes 55 vs LS9 45

Eastern Regional
Qteros 45 vs Joule 55

Central Regional
Gevo 41 vs Terrabon 59

Western Regional
Solazyme 47 vs OriginOil 53

Are your favorite technologies being overlooked, under voted? Take a moment to express your view.

Voting is open to all Biofuels Digest subscribers. Voting links are in the Biofuels Digest daily newsletter. To subscribe (free), visit here.

Transformative Technologies is a subscriber-voted, “knock-out” tournament which measures the impact of the competitor’s technologies on the bioenergy landscape. More than 400 pages of data on all the competitors (and more) is available here – also, individual match-ups include links to the most recent profiles submitted by companies for the 2011-12 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy, which is coming up for voting in the 4th quarter of 2011.

The complete tournament bracket, with the most up to date scoring, is available for download here.

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