MBD taps Evodos for algae harvesting machines

September 15, 2011 |

In the Netherlands, Evodos received an order to supply all the algae harvesting machines for MBD’s 1 Ha power stationplant in Australia. At this site it will be determined whether the CO2 that is produced by the coal fired power plant can be captured by algae in a cost and energy effective way using MBD Energy’s proprietary ‘BAGS’ system.  Three of Australia’s largest coal fired power generators have agreed to MBD building algal synthesiser test facilities adjacent to their power stations.

Each of the facilities is expected to use MBD’s proprietary growth system, where smoke-stack CO2 emissions will be captured and used to grow oil-rich algae in solar bioreactors. MBD Energy’s Andrew Lawson said trials to date indicated that the Evodos equipment allows micro algae to be harvested alive and in an almost completely dewatered paste.

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