Taurus Energy, Lund, Chalmers win $1.2M grant for next-gen biofuels R&D

January 13, 2012 |

In Sweden, the Swedish DOE (Energimyndigheten) has awarded $1.2 million in support of a shared 2nd generation ethanol research project to Taurus Energy AB in cooperation with the Department of Chemical Engineering at Lund University and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The purpose of the project is to further develop the process technology for large scale and economically viable 2nd generation ethanol production.

“We already have substantial experience in pentose fermentation technology. This new project will help us staying ahead of the game and continue being one of the best available resources in our field, says Lars Welin, CEO at the Ideon Science Park based Taurus Energy AB, Lund, Sweden. “From the very beginning we have had a global perspective on how to utilize non-food agricultural and forest based waste products as feedstock for the next generation biofuel. We are now getting ready to license our technology to the rest of the world.”

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