BP: cellulosic ethanol is real, here, and no pixie dust

February 16, 2012 |

In Washington, BP Biofuels North America President Sue Ellerbusch, interviewed in the Biofuel STAT online series produced by the Advanced Biofuels Association, rejected recent headlines describing the industry as “pixie dust” by declaring “the technology works.”

The next ah-ha moment for the industry? “It’s going to be less of an ah-ha and more of an uh-huh, we told you so. We are right on  the cusp with this technology.” Over the next five years? “We are building a 36 million gallons facility now. Our next facility will be double the size of that. As we look beyond, we will be looking to see how far we can take that capacity up.

“There are lots of stories because it makes good media to talk about that it’s pixie dust or fairies out there and people have been working on this for ten years and are we going to have it,” Ellerbusch says. “I am here to tell you we do.”

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