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May 24, 2012 |

Today, at – you’ll see our greatly enhanced and improved job service..

We’ve been astonished by the growth of activity among jobseekers. Since the job board opened, Digest subscribers have clicked 184,602 times to see job listings – enough to fill a small city. It’s grown from a handful of clicks, to days of late when we have seen more than 1,000 click-throughs in a single day.

25 percent of the jobseekers were visiting from outside the US, and it always struck subscribers a little odd that a global site like the Digest would only have US jobs. It was a limitation of our old platform – one of several limitations that are gone, gone, gone.

But no more. Today, the new, improved Biofuels Digest job board opens for business, and there are lots of  jobs to look at. A couple of improvements to note.

1. Easier navigation. We think we’ve improved the look and feel, but also have revamped the navigation to make the key features easier to find and use.

2. Post resumes. Registered users can post a resume as well as looking at listings. Registration remains free!

3. Global. We now support jobs, globally.

4. Volume discounts. We now have volume discounts available for job posters.

5. HTML support. We have added HTML support for posting job descriptions – so you can enhance and control the display.

6. Featured jobs. We now have a “featured job” designation which job posters can choose to make sure that a particularly hot job doesn’t get buried under the listings, but stays on top.

7. Bonus distribution. We have added bonus Twitter and LinkedIn distribution – jobs now can reach our 14,000 followers in social media, as well as our web and email newsletter readers.

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