“Global 2012 Corn Crop To Be Second Largest in History.”

| September 21, 2012

Today on Twitter.

TheTalleyGroup: Biofuels That Cause Land-Use Change May Have Much Larger Non-GHG Air Quality Emissions Than Fossil Fuels: Enviro…

sggunase: Wise move…EU caps on food-based biofuels may put a cramp in market for the fuel source. Reuters: http://t.co/JSkAJJT3

opean: Global 2012 Corn Crop To Be Second Largest in History: OECD Official’s Comment on Biofuels Misguided: Filed unde…

Sean_OHanlon: Energy Policy Research Foundation says waiving RFS would have little effect on corn demand. So much for Food vs #Biofuels ;)

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