BioProcess Algae: Biofuels Digest’s 5-Minute Guide

October 23, 2012 |


45 High Point Avenue, Portsmouth, RI 02871

Year Founded:


Company description:

BioProcess Algae produces low-cost, high-quality algae feedstocks for a variety of downstream markets including food, feeds and fuels. BioProcess is based in Portsmouth, RI and is currently running a demonstration facility at the Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa. Grower Harvester™ bioreactors have been tied directly into the plant’s CO2 exhaust gas since October 2009. Initial co-location strategy has focused on bridging First Generation biofuels to Next Generation biofuels and bioproducts.

Major Investors

• Green Plains Renewable Energy (NASDAQ:GPRE)
• BioProcess H20

3 Top Milestones for 2009‐12

1. Commercial supply agreement for EPA-rich Omega-3 oils with KD-Pharma for use in concentrated EPA products for nutritional and/or pharmaceutical applications. June 2012
2. Groundbreaking on Five Acre Production Facility (Phase III) at Green Plains in Shenandoah, Iowa following the unveiling of commercial scale bioreactors (Phase II) less than a year prior in April 2011.
3. Successful algae-based poultry feed trails complete. Algae strains produced for feed trials demonstrated high energy and protein content that were readily available, similar to other high value feed products used in the feeding of poultry today.

3 Major Milestone Goals for 2013‐15

1. Completion of Phase III project co-located with Green Plains in Shenandoah, Iowa that we broke ground on in February 2012. Commercial operation planned for end of this year.
2. Continue construction of 200 acres of bioreactor system in Shenandoah, Iowa.
3. Continue roll-out of production platform co-located with teaming Green Plains owned ethanol facilities, finalize design of first co-located bioreactor system in generation industry.

Business Model

Owner-operator potentially followed by technology licensing, royalties and operational support to accelerate co-location roll-out.

Competitive Edge(s):
• Low Cost
• Scalable
• Co-location advantaged with all CO2 emitters

Research, or Manufacturing Partnerships or Alliances.

BioProcess Algae’s current joint venture partners provide strategic access to ethanol plants, existing infrastructure for downstream markets (eg. fuel and feed) and process inputs (eg. high quality CO2 and waste heat). Partner group possesses large scale manufacturing expertise as well as experience with rapid expansion in biofuel markets. BPA is also working with several academic institutions and industry groups to optimize products for downstream markets.


Demonstration to Commercial

Company website

Chief Executive Officer: Tim Burns

Project information

Shenandoah, Iowa

Materials or products produced

Flexible algae feedstocks for a variety of markets. We offer dried algae biomass or extracted oils for nutritionals, feeds and feed additives, chemicals and fuels.

Status: open, additional capacity being commissioned

Feedstock: Renewable CO2

Processing technology
Low cost biofilm-based bioreactors for efficient conversion of CO2 and light into biomass and extracted oils for a variety of markets.

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