Live from ABM: Solazyme on how to be the hottest of the hot

October 30, 2012 |

10:38 am: Jonathan Wolfson, CEO of Solazyme, takes the stage.

10:40 am: Many doubters on the way to success, so what has happened in the last 4 years in Solazyme and in the industry?

10:41 am: Integrated biorefinery was a dream: while building up, envisioned bioproduction and industrial fermentation, combined with refining.

10:43 am: We’re funded and being built. Both parts are a huge accomplishment.

10:45 am: Jet fuel has gone from technically existent to being deployed all over the world, privately and publicly.

10:47 am: Over 90% of funding raised is private– Solazyme is not a “handout” company, although a small portion of funding does come from government.

10:48 am: California-based cellulosic fuels also in development.

10:49 am: Solazyme is focused on developing fuels to deployed for fleets as opposed to consumer fuels. However, partnering with Propel for a B20 blend with 100% algae-derived fuel, majority of Bay Area stations.

10:50 am: In order to sell fuels, you have to be there at the end. Diversified products are important, important to be in many markets as long as production is possible. End goal is to be commercial in all of them.

10:52 am: Today, Solazyme is commercial in skin and personal care, nutritionals, chemicals, and fuels.

10:53 am: Tailoring oil profiles after food discovery for edible oil. Triglyceride oil is only oil that is used in all target markets.

10:55 am: Solazyme has been able to eliminate polyunsaturates, with maximum oleic level– optimal, and has not been done before.

11:00 am: 3 1/2 years ago, Solazyme’s successes were only dreams. Today, opportunities are still huge and growing. Industry is, on a macro level, doing what it set out to do.

11:02 am: Solazyme and industry have already scaled huge mountains, almost to the “promise land”

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