IEA says global energy demand to grow by 33 percent by 2035

November 14, 2012 |

In the UK, the International Energy Agency released its World Energy Outlook. “Global energy demand grows by more than one-third over the period to 2035 in the New Policies Scenario (our central scenario),” the IEA projected, “with China, India and the Middle East accounting for 60% of the increase. “Energy demand barely rises in OECD countries, although there is a pronounced shift away from oil, coal (and, in some countries, nuclear) towards natural gas and renewables. Despite the growth in lowcarbon sources of energy, fossil fuels remain dominant in the global energy mix, supported by subsidies that amounted to $523 billion in 2011, up almost 30% on 2010 and six times more than subsidies to renewables. Scenario correspond to a long-term average global temperature increase of 3.6 °C.

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