WEC’s Energy Sustainability Index highlights top-performing countries, with policies crucial to performance 

December 6, 2012 |

In Qatar, The World Energy Council’s (WEC) global ranking of country energy sustainability performance was released, revealing that “most of the over 90 countries assessed are still far from achieving fully sustainable energy systems.” The 2012 Energy Sustainability Index, published within the WEC’s 2012 World Energy Trilemma report, “Time to get real – the case for sustainable energy policy”, finds that most countries still have not managed to balance the energy trilemma. The WEC argues that countries must balance the trade-offs between the three challenges of the trilemma: energy security, social equity, and environmental impact mitigation, if they are to provide sustainable energy systems.

The Index reveals that: Environmental impact mitigation remains a universal problem; Providing high-quality and affordable energy access remains a significant challenge for developing and emerging economies; and Countries at various stages of development struggle with energy security.

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