46% expect to see biofuels IPOs in the next 12 months

December 10, 2012 |

Biofuels Industry Survey Results: Key findings ahead of the World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition

In a recent survey conducted with bioenergy leading industry experts ahead of the 8th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition, 51% of those who responded rated their government’s policy as supportive, while 15% rated them as very supportive.

Alongside this there were a number of other interesting findings.

“In spite of some less than stellar performances of companies that have floated in the past 2 years, it’s positive to hear that 46% of you expect to see more biofuels industry IPOs in the next 12 months,” said WBM’s organizers.

28% of those who responded rated demand as the number one driver for the biofuels industry, closely followed by policy. 34% of those polled think the US has the most potential for producing commercial scale advanced biofuels.

“However what is really interesting is that, by a hair, you voted Asia the next best positive prospect at 28% and Brazil next at 27%. It will be interesting to see how this plays out long term. We also asked participants to list the companies they would like to meet and hear from in the biofuels industry. Top rated companies included BP, Shell, Neste Oil, Gevo and DSM.”

To view the full survey results and list of companies, download the full analysis here.

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