USDA updates, improves online Energy Portal

December 13, 2012 |

In Washington, the US Department of Agriculture has updated and improved its USDA Energy website. The portal, which launched in January, includes interactive map, graphing analysis tools, and the USDA Energy Matrix. These instruments enable review of USDA investments, USDA energy programs biofuels and bioenergy data. “Ideally it is a one-stop shop for stakeholders,”USDA Energy Policy director Harry Baumes told the Digest. “With these tools, you can look across the entire spectrum of biorefinery assistance and BCAP investments over time — and now you can download data and slice and dice across the technologies down to county level. You can drill down to a county level – slice it and dice it. Plus it covers biomass, solar and wind. The next update is in January and February.”

The three tools are the Energy Investments Map – where USDA is providing investment support. The USDA Energy Matrix helps with searches for alternative and affordable energy solutions, funding for projects, available programs and program information, or research and development. The Renewable Energy Tool is an interactive tool to help users identify at the National, state, and county level the logistics, environmental linkages, and economic linkages across feedstock production, renewable energy production and renewable energy demand and distribution.

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