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December 17, 2012 |


Address: 5200 Finch St. East, Suite 210, Toronto, ON M1S 4Z4 Canada

Year Founded: 2010

Company description: 

Biodiesel, as it is produced today does not work in cold weather.  Below 50F (10C), biodiesel begins to solidify rendering engines inoperable in cold weather. Small quantities of biodiesel (up to 5%) can be blended with petro-diesel without compromising engine performance.  However, for industrial and commercial vehicles in North America, Europe and northern Asia, a sustainably-produced fuel that works well in cold weather is needed.

Altranex’s solution to this challenge is Green Kero™, a patent-pending sustainably-produced fuel that remains liquid to temperatures as low as -30F (-22C).  Green Kero™ is produced from renewable sources such as jatropha, camelina, waste vegetable and algae oils and can replace diesel, biodiesel and ultra-low-sulfur kerosene for transportation fuels. Green Kero™ can be produced by adding one process step to existing biodiesel facilities. This approach results in a capital efficient business model for Altranex and our customers. Once in production, Green Kero™ will be competitive with crude oil at $56/bbl.

Because of our unique, low-capital approach that takes advantage of existing infrastructure, Biofuels Digest, the most widely read biofuels daily, recently nominated Altranex as “one of the 12 hot bio-based technologies worth watching”.

Major Investors (if a public company, please provide trading symbol and exchange).

Privately held

3 Top Milestones for 2009-11 

  • • Patents filed on process technology
  • • Process reduced to practice in laboratory

Business Model: (e.g. owner-operator, technology licensor, fee-based industry supplier, investor)  Technology licensor

Competitive Edge(s):  Altranex produces a drop-in replacement diesel fuel from renewable resources with superior cold weather properties enabling broader adoption of renewable diesel fuels in North America and Europe.

Research, or Manufacturing Partnerships or Alliances.

Research partner: GreenCentre Canada

Stage  (Bench, pilot, demonstration, commercial)

Bench-scale development & demonstration

Company website


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