Muradel: Biofuels Digest’s 5-Minute Guide

December 17, 2012 |

Address: 239 Magill Rd, Adelaide, Australia

Year Founded: 2010

Company description: Algae biofuels technology development

Major Investors

Muradel Pty Ltd was incorporated in December 2010 as a joint venture between Murdoch University, Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd and SQC Pty Ltd.

Muradel’s technology development is supported by Australia’s leading algae science from Murdoch University and the University of Adelaide.

SQC Pty Ltd is an outside investor.

3 Top Milestones for 200912

Progressed from Proof of Concept to Technology Development.

  • Discovery and validation of an elite high salinity, high yielding microalgae.
  • Construction and operation of a 2 acre Pilot Plant near Karratha, Western Australia
  • Development of a high efficiency, low energy algae harvesting technology

Business Model: (e.g. owner-operator, technology licensor, fee-based industry supplier, investor)

Operated as a limited liability, private Company

Scope to be an owner operator of licensee of technology

Competitive Edge(s):

MUR Elite algae strains

MUR Algae Harvesting System

Australian owned and based

Access to very considerable areas of marginal land

Excellent climate for algae production

Strong Government support

Research, or Manufacturing Partnerships or Alliances. 

Partnerships with Aban, India, OTHERS TBA

Stage  (Bench, pilot, demonstration, commercial)

Pilot Plant with 20 and 200 sq m raceway ponds

Company website

Project information: Karratha, Western Australia

Adelaide,  Australia

Materials or products produced

Algae biofuel technology

Algae biomass concentrate


Pilot Plant completed Dec 2010



Processing technology:

Open raceway ponds with an Elite saline tolerant micro algae strain

MUR Harvesting System

Downstream SCWR biomass conversion

Other notes: 

Muradel was established as a consequence of a very successful R&D project funded by the Australian Government, the 2 participating Universities (Murdoch and Adelaide) and SQC Pty Ltd 2008-2011

A 3 year technology /R&D program on downstream biomass conversion options with government and SQC support was commenced in mid  2011.

The Company is targeting further government funding support for 2012/2015

EPC partner

  • Aban, Chennai
  • Others TBA

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