Speakers, program announced for Aviation & Military Biofuels Leadership Summit at ABLC 2013

January 10, 2013 |

CAAFI, FAA, US Navy, DOE, USDA, Australian Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Fuels, AIREG, European Commission, United Airlines, Airlines for America, Lufthansa, Virgin Australia among the mix.

ABLC’s special aviation meeting — planned in partnership with CAAFI, Airlines For America and Biofuels Digest.

A central part of ABLC is the annual Aviation & Military Biofuels Leadership Summit — and this year’s program is expected to be the most extensive yet – bringing together all the key players including policy makers, fuel producers, airlines and the military. Here’s the initial line-up announced for the April 16-17 meeting — part of the overall ABLC 2013 gathering in Washington, DC.

Complete speaker, agenda, registration and venue information here.


Session 1 – April 16
“What Aviation Biofuels Customers Want and What they are doing to Get There”

Panel Participants
–  United Airlines
–  Lufthansa
–  Virgin Australia
–  U.S. Navy
–  Airlines for America

Session 2 – April 17
“Beyond Farm to Fly”

A panel of USG (USDA, DOE, DOD and FAA) leaders explaining new thrusts that they are initiating with CAAFI and its private sector sponsors and stakeholders.

Moderator: Steve Csonka, Executive Director, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Research Initiative (CAAFI), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Zia Haq, Senior Analyst, Biomass Program, U.S. Department of Energy
Chris Tindal, PE, CEM, Director for Operational Energy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy
Nate Brown, FAA Office of Environment and Energy, and CAAFI Leadership Team
USDA, Office of the Secretary, Speaker TBA

Session 3 – April 17
“Aviation’s Blossoming Global Cooperative Efforts”

A panel featuring U.S. bilateral partners from Germany (aireg), Australia (AISAF) and other global initiatives that will unveil details of their efforts to ensure that global markets are opened for sustainable aviation alternative fuel development and deployment in support of aviation’s goal of carbon neutral growth starting in 2020.

Moderator: Rich Altman,  Executive Director Emeritus, CAAFI

Australia – Dr. Susan Pond, Executive Director, Australian Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (AISAF)
Germany – Siegfried Knecht, Chairman of the Board, Initiative for Alternative Fuels in Aviation (aireg)
Europe – Christanne Bruynooghe, R&D Directorate, European Commission

Session 4 – April 17
“Emerging State and Regional Opportunities”

Beyond broadly known efforts in the Southeast, Hawaii, and the Pacific NW,  CAAFI continues to foster the joint participation of key stakeholders (Federal, State, academia, airline, manufacturer, suppliers, producers) across over 20 states to provide new and innovative options for supply chain development and fuel production.  This panel will feature both CAAFI and regional development focal partners new to the aviation ABLC forum.

Moderator: Robert Sturtz, Managing Director, Strategic Sourcing – Fuels, United Airlines and CAAFI Business Team Co-leader

Midwest Region (MASBI) – Jimmy Samartzis, Managing Director, Global Sustainability, United Airlines (Invited)
North Carolina – Terry Carter, Director of Eastern and Military Partnerships, Biofuels Center of North Carolina (Invited)
Vermont – Dr. Anju Dahiya, Gensysresearch (Invited)

Session 5 – April 17
“From “Ground to Wake”

Major Initiatives  – This panel will highlight efforts focusing on the creation of multiple new qualification pathways for synthetic jet fuel production, advances in R&D leading to the development of further pathways,  activities on reducing environmental uncertainty through environmental communication tools,  and the definition of multimodal opportunities at airports.

Moderator: Nate Brown, FAA Office of Environment and Energy, and CAAFI Leadership Team

Certification/Qualification – Mark Rumizen, Aviation Fuels Specialist, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and leader of the CAAFI Certification/Qualification Team
Environment – Nancy Young, Vice President, Environment, Airlines for America (A4A)
R&D – Dr. Kristin Lewis, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, U.S. Department of Transportation and Head Research and Technical Advisor, CAAFI
Business Team – Dr. Bruno Miller, Principal, Energy and Environment, Metron Aviation (Invited)

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