E2 launches FuelingGrowth.org online web site, information clearinghouse for advanced biofuels

February 7, 2013 |

In Washington, Environmental Entrepreneurs launched a new Web site at www.fuelinggrowth.org, as a clearinghouse for information on how clean fuel companies are driving economic growth, includes reports that examine the growth and potential of the domestic biofuel industry; fact sheets about the industry and videos and other stories that spotlight American biofuel companies in action.

A searchable map and state-by-state breakdown of companies involved in advanced biofuels is a centerpiece of the site — which details
more than 80 advanced biofuel companies, refineries and related operations located in at least 27 US states. E2 said in its launch statement that the advanced biofuel market could be worth more than $60 billion within the next decade and more than 18,000 jobs could be created by the 26 biorefineries that are expected to open by 2015, according to E2 analysis. E2 is a national organization of more than 850 business leaders and others who advocate for good environmental policy while building economic prosperity.

“We’ve got the resources, the knowledge and the technology to put our country on a path to meet our transportation needs with cleaner fuels,” said Mary Solecki, clean fuels analyst at E2. “The type of innovation we’re seeing in the biofuel industry is what makes America great.”

According to E2, U.S. and Canadian biofuel production capacity increased from 427 million gallons in 2011 to more than 685 million gallons in 2012. Capacity is expected to increase to 2.6 billion gallons by 2015.

There are many ways states can integrate clean fuels into their mix, according to Solecki. Some states use tax incentives, while others like California and Oregon have a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). California’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (AB 118) also has been especially helpful in getting companies to open new operations inside California.

“In addition to benefiting the economy, the clean fuel industry also benefits the environment by lowering the carbon content of our nation’s fuel mixture,” Solecki said. “That improves our air quality and cuts the greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change. And by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, the clean fuel industry also is helping bolster our national security.”

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