Who’s Your Valentine? Biofuels Digest’s Ardent 50

| February 14, 2013

valentine-50Gevo, KiOR top the Ardent 50 rankings at biofuelsdigest.com — the most-intensively researched companies— analyzing page views from more than 800,000 site visits.

In Florida, Gevo and KiOR took Valentines Day honors by topping the Ardent 50 rankings, as Biofuels Digest published the 50 Most searched companies at biofuelsdigest.com for 2012-13.

In topping this year’s list, Gevo recorded more page views from queries to the Digest’s content database than any other company. Following Gevo in the Top 10: KiOR, Pacific Ethanol, Amyris, Solazyme, Codexis, Diamond Green Diesel, Joule Unlimited. Enerkem, and Butamax.

To develop the rankings, the Digest analyzed 1.6 million web page views at biofuelsdigest.com since July 2012, based on 800,974 visits by 387,936 unique visitors. The average reader visited 2.02 pages, per visit, and spent an average of 148 seconds on a visit. Overall, 104,502 different keywords were employed by readers in searching BiofuelsDigest.com

“What’s the first thing you do, in the digital age, when you find someone or something you really like — you head for the web to find out everything you can about them. When you look at search data, you’re looking at real desire for knowledge, the real deal,” commented Digest editor Jim Lane. “You see what they actually search on, read, and are dreaming about.”

It’s not surprising that public companies were highly visible in the rankings, given the large shareholder bases and the inherent interest in company or industry news because of the impact on share price. In all, six of the Top 10 as ranked by page views were publicly held, and two represented joint ventures involving public companies.

The 50 Most Searched Companies in Biofuels Digest

1 Gevo
3 Pacific Ethanol
4 Amyris
5 Solazyme
6 Codexis
7 Diamond Green Diesel
8 Joule Unlimited
9 Enerkem
10 Butamax
11 Genomatica
12 Zeachem
13 Chemtex / Beta Renewables
14 Sundrop Fuels
15 Coskata
16 Myriant
17 SGC Energia
18 Terrabon
19 Primus Green Energy
20 Novozymes
21 BP Biofuels
22 Lanzatech
23 Monsanto
24 Sapphire Energy
25 Petroalgae / Parabel
26 LS9
27 Aurora Algae
28 Bluefire Renewables
29 Rentech
30 Graalbio
31 Dynamic Fuels
32 Fulcrum BioEnergy
33 Renmatix
34 Bioamber
35 Elevance
36 Virdia
37 Cool Planet Biofuels
38 SG Biofuels
39 Segetis
40 Fiberight
41 Exxon
42 Ineos Bio
43 Iogen
44 TMO Renewables
45 Ceres
46 North Star Biofuels
47 Mascoma
48 Renewable Energy Group
49 Agrivida

Looking at total time spent

When looking at total time spent on searched pages (to lessen the impact of “browsing” – low-value searches where a reader glances at a page and quickly moves on), a slightly different picture emerged. Five of the top 10 companies, as ranked by total time spent on the page by all readers, were privately-held companies — and, in this case, KiOR led the rankings.

Following KiOR in the Top 10: Gevo, Solazyme, SG Biofuels, Amyris, Codexis, Chemtex (Beta Renewables), Joule Unlimited, Zeachem and Bluefire Renewables.

The 50 Most Searched Companies in Biofuels Digest: Total Reading Time

2 Gevo
3 Solazyme
4 SG Biofuels
5 Amyris
6 Codexis
7 Chemtex / Beta Renewables
8 Joule Unlimited
9 Zeachem
10 Bluefire Renewables
11 Coskata
12 Valero
13 Enerkem
14 Genomatica
15 Diamond Green Diesel
16 Terrabon
17 Monsanto
18 Segetis
19 Lanzatech
20 BP Biofuels
21 Butamax
22 Cool Planet Biofuels
23 Myriant
24 Fiberight
25 Dynamic Fuels
26 Primus Green Energy
27 Logos Technologies
28 Novozymes
29 Catchlight Energy
30 Graalbio
31 Sapphire Energy
32 Pacific Ethanol
33 Sundrop Fuels
34 Aurora Algae
35 Virdia
36 Incitor
37 LS9
38 Renmatix
39 Exxon
40 Altair
41 Ceres
42 Fulcrum BioEnergy
43 Elevance
44 North Star Biofuels
45 Petroalgae / Parabel
46 Ineos Bio
47 Proterro
48 SGC Energia
49 Inbicon
50 Bioamber


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