US and Israel to cooperate on biofuels research

April 22, 2013 |

In Washington, Israeli academic and industrial biofuels research scientists and innovators are visiting Washington to explore opportunities for cooperation with the US for development of advanced biofuels. Following the meetings in Washington, they will travel to DOE labs in Oak Ridge Tennessee and in California to meet with more than 50 U.S. scientists and energy program managers in those locations.

“Cutting-edge research and development is taking place in Israel in the selection, bio-engineering and modification of fuel feed-stocks; in growing novel feed-stocks on non-arable land and without using fresh water; and in the more-efficient and cost effective production of fuels from feed-stocks using innovative chemical, physical and biological processes. Building on that research base, we are establishing a scientific, technical and economic collaboration between Israel and the U.S. to help both nations achieve our energy goals,” explained TIEP Executive VP Neil Goldstein.

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