Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation and Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions announce funding for three biological projects

June 6, 2013 |

In Canada, the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation is funding three new initiatives through its Biological Greenhouse Gas Management Program, and is managed by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions. The first project, through the University of Calgary, will use filters containing naturally occurring microbes that live on methane gas to reduce low-volume methane emissions at oil and gas field sites, landfills and livestock feedlots/sludge lagoons. The second project will look to create a new type of biochar to support water remediation in the oil sands. The research team is working on turning aspen wood residue from logging operations in northern Alberta into a novel type of ‘activated’ adsorbing biocarbon. The third project, led by the Prasino Group will be a study validating two protocols to generate credits from avoided greenhouse gas emissions under the Alberta offset system. The three projects have a combined value of more than $1 million, and the CCEMC is committing more than $880,000 in support.

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