USDA updates on wild genetically-modified wheat in Oregon

June 19, 2013 |

In Washington, USDA Office of Communications Director Matt Paul gave an update on the detection of genetically engineered wheat in Oregon: On May 29, USDA announced that a small number of volunteer wheat plants in an Oregon field had tested positive for genetically engineered glyphosate-resistant wheat. Extensive testing confirmed the wheat as a variety – MON71800 – developed by Monsanto.

The detection of this wheat variety does not pose a public health or food safety concern. Monsanto worked with the FDA in 2004 to complete a voluntary food and feed safety consultation. Completion of the FDA consultation process means this variety is as safe as non-GE wheat currently on the market.  To date, the USDA has neither found nor been informed of anything that would indicate that this incident amounts to more than a single isolated incident in a single field on a single farm. All information collected so far shows no indication of the presence of GE wheat in commerce. Investigators are conducting a thorough review.

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