Biofuels Digest’s 6th Birthday Special Issue

July 25, 2013 |

6th-birthdaySix years ago tomorrow, Biofuels Digest debuted with two subscribers and a hunch.

Some 1500 editions and 25,000 stories later, we continue to be impressed here in Digestville by this industry’s spirit of innovation in technology, finance and policy — as it offers consumers of fuels and chemicals the blessings of price and supply stability that have been long achieved in electric power, through diversification of supply. And, the blessings of sustainability. And the blessings of rural development.

The journey is hard, but inspiring to watch and monitor.

As we do each year, we will be celebrating our special day with lots and lots of bonus content for you and recognition opportunities.

The Top 10 Stories of the Year

BP, KiOR, Terrabon, DuPont, Beta Renewables, Sapphire Energy, Gevo and more — project starts, stops, births, deaths, predictions, and policy — the readers judge the most important stories of the year.

The 10 Most Bizarre Stories of the Year

Trains to Nowhere, Camel-tummy microbes, a nation run on coconuts, “vibrating blob” tunicates, a high-performing fungus, a cousin of the potato blight microbe, biofuels from a “raging fireball”. 2012-13 stands up with any year for stories both inspiring and bizarre – and we highlight the most bizarre in our annual round-up.

50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy; 30 Hottest Companies in Renewable Chemicals and Biobased Materials

On Monday, nominations open for the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy 2013-14 and the 30 Hottest Companies in Renewable Chemicals and Biobased Materials 2013-14. Nominations will remain open through August 23. Voting will begin August 26th and continue through September 20. Rankings will be announced — and the winners feted — at ABLC-Next in San Francisco this October 9-11.

Hot-50-logo-2013-14 Hot-30-logo-2013-14

Six Thank Yous for Year 6

We have reason, here at Biofuels Digest, to be thankful too. We have six thank yous to share today.

First, to the 2,000 or so readers that we meet each year at industry events, or via email or phone  — thank you for the supportive comments, tips, perspective, corrections, ideas, and friendship.

2nd: To our 600,000 unique web readers this year around the globe, our 47,000 newsletter subscribers and 18,000 followers in social media — thank you for your support, and for taking time with the “news you can use” that we create.

3rd: To the Digest’s valued industry partners — DuPont Industrial Biosciences, BIO, West Salem Machinery, VecoPlan, Syngenta,  Iowa Economic Development, YSI, Inbicon, and Elsevier Biofuel — we have immensely enjoyed the association.

4th: To our many Digest web, newsletter and conference sponsors and friends at those companies – we gratefully acknowledge your support of this industry, and of our efforts to inform and entertain.

5th: To the Digest’s valued columnists – Tom Buis, Wes Clark, Brooke Coleman, Bob Dinneen, Brent Erickson, Doug Faulkner, Mackinnon Lawrence, Mike McAdams, Mary Rosenthal, Sam Rushing, and Tim Sklar – plus the many CEOs and friends that have penned columns over the years. Thank you for your original insights and pithy phrasing.

6th: To our hardworking Digesterati colleagues – Bill Lundberg, Flavia Marples-Lane, Tom Saidak, Lucas and Braulio Santucci, Isabel Lane, Briana Sapp, Meghan Sapp, Vanessa Bassett – plus our valued conference staffers and volunteers: Thank you for every day of your imagination, enthusiasm, hard work and support.

The Pursuit of Happiness

An ancestor of mine, Lord Baltimore, was once asked his intentions when he first arrived on American soil in 1630. In that era of florid answers to short questions, he replied simply, “to plant and dwell.”

It was as eloquent and timeless as it was brief. As we say ‘happy birthday’, immodestly, to our own Biofuels Digest — our birthday wish is that you may, also, plant and dwell happily, for many years to come.

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