BDI Bioenergy set to retrofit biodiesel plants in the US and UK

October 2, 2013 |

In Germany, BDI Bioenergy has been awarded two RetroFit commissions from customers in the UK and USA. An American customer – the biggest biodiesel producer in the USA – has commissioned BDI to carry out basic engineering assignments. This is the precondition for successful implementation of the RetroFit program in an existing plant in Atlanta. The aim is to modernize the plant, which is out of operation at the moment, in such a way that a profitable restart of production can be guaranteed.

At the same time, BDI has been commissioned by a British biodiesel manufacturer to implement a biodiesel purification unit. With the help of this optimization unit, the contaminant content of the biodiesel (particularly the residual monoglyceride content) will be reduced to a level that is far lower than the relevant limits specified by the strict European biodiesel quality standard. This project will guarantee not only a considerable improvement in quality but also an increase in the output of the biodiesel plant. The volume of the two commissions amounts to about € 400,000 and demonstrates that demand for BDI’s RetroFit technology is increasing.

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