Metabolix CSO Dr. Oliver Peoples will present data demonstrating production of PHA-based biopolymers and biobased chemicals using second generation cellulosic sugars

November 24, 2013 |

In Massachusetts, Metabolix announced its Chief Scientific Officer Oliver Peoples, Ph.D. will present the Company’s strategy for its polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-based biopolymers and biobased chemicals platform. This presentation will include new data on the successful conversion of second generation cellulosic sugars to PHA precursors for the production of PHA biopolymers and biobased chemicals, including C3 (bio-acrylic) and C4 chemicals.

The presentation will be given at the Ecochem Conference in Basel, Switzerland on November 21st. In this study evaluating a range of renewable feedstocks, Metabolix utilized cellulosic sugar provided by a leading developer of wood-based cellulosic sugars.  Metabolix plans to continue investigating alternative feedstocks for the production of PHA biopolymers and biobased chemicals.  

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