Green Plains Renewable Energy, DSM Bio-Based chiefs commit to ABLC 2014

January 20, 2014 |

 Addressing the strategic opportunities in the bioeconomy.

In Florida, Biofuels Digest announced that Green Plains Renewable Energy CEO Todd Becker and DSM’s President of Bio-based products and Services Anton Robek will present addresses at ABLC 2014’s – looking at transformative company strategies and technologies that have proved to be game changers in first-gen and advanced biofuels (as well as propelling both companies high into the Hot 50).

“From traditional first-generation products, to the latest technologies based on algae as a platform, you see Green Plains and DSM at the top of the list when it comes to driving a bottom line through innovation ” said Biofuels Digest editor & publisher Jim Lane. “But it is smart innovation, bottom-line focused, smartly hedged — that’s what’s transforming the landscape, and Todd Becker and Anton Robek are articulate spokesmen for a new generation of leaders who have shown how to get innovation done right.”

ABLC 2014 — a gathering of the leading advanced processing technologies, financiers, policymakers, media and suppliers — will be held April 21-23 in Washington DC. More than 100 CEOs are expected to be on the floor to network, build supply chains, and chart trends and opportunities for the upcoming year.

More about ABLC 2014 here.

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