4 minutes with… Srinivas Kilambi, Founder & CEO, Sriya Group

December 16, 2014 |

Srinivas-Kilambi-founder-SyiraTell us about your organization and it’s role in the advanced bioeconomy.

Sriya Group is an innovative technology invention and development company. It incubates novel technologies with initial funding, research at partner labs and its final spinoff as operating companies like Sriya Innovations (Renmatix), Sriya Green Materials (Verdedcem), Pronghorn Renewables, LLC

Tell us about your role and what you are focused on in the next 12 months.

Technology Development to convert biomass sugars to high value chemicals like THF, Furfural Acohol Funding and Commercialization of the Pronghorn Technology

What do you feel are the most important milestones the industry must achieve in the next 5 years?

Lower Cost of goods sold to be cost competitive with petro-chemicals or petro-fuels, Economies of scale to lower cost of production, Profitability and greater investor value, Greater ROI

If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about the Advanced Bioeconomy, what would you change?

Investor sentiment and returns. Adoption of bio-refinery approach with a mix of fuels and high value chemicals

Of all the reasons that influenced you to join the Advanced Bioeconomy industry, what single reason stands out for you as still being compelling and important to you.

The need for a solution to reverse GHG increase from petroleum based products and through it global warming

Where are you from? 

Chennai, India

What was your undergraduate major in college, and where did you attend? Why did you choose that school and that pathway? 

Chemical Engineering at The Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. I chose IIT-M as it is one the best and most prestigious engineering schools in India

Who do you consider your mentors. What have you learned from them?

Dhirubhai Ambani: Founder of Reliance, JRD Tata: Founder of Tata Group. Innovation needs passion and motivation and through that we can overcome all obstacles and achieve success

What’s the biggest lesson you ever learned during a period of adversity?

We need to be patient and a better adapter to all situations including adverse situations. Need to be a good listener

What hobbies do you pursue, away from your work in the industry? 

Reading, Following Cricket and Bollywood movies

What 3 books would you take to read, if stranded on a desert island?

Freedom at Midnight, Bhaghvad Gita, 5 point someone

What books or articles are on your reading list right now, or you just completed and really enjoyed?

Economist, India Today, Wall Street journal

What’s your favorite city or place to visit, for a holiday?

Rome, Italy

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