Green Star Products contracted to build demo hybrid algae project near Vegas

January 7, 2015 |

In Utah, during the fourth quarter of 2014, Green Star Products signed a contract to build a large proprietary demonstration Hybrid Algae Production System (HAPS) facility for a third party to produce commercial quality algae.

This contract is very specific for GSPI to build and operate the HAPS system. However, the algae strains to be cultivated will be provided by another third party and the final algae biomass commercial product will be delivered to the original client for analysis and utilization. The facility is a premium showcase algae pond system located near South Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This project is strictly a commercial research demonstration unit funded by the client using Green Star technology. The HAPS presently under construction by GSPI is approximately 70,000 liters capacity of algae growth media.

Green Star has retained the rights to showcase this project to their Chinese partners. They are considering building larger Hybrid Algae Production Systems in China for use in animal and human food, bio fuels and hydro carbon based materials, while CO2, the main nutrient for growing algae, is absorbed from the atmosphere, cutting net carbon emissions.

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