BP, Novozymes, Scania, Shell back launch of “Biofuels for Europe” info site

June 27, 2015 |

In Brussels, a new interactive website “www.BiofuelsforEurope.eu” launched today in the European Parliament to summarize the latest science on key biofuels issues using fact-based, understandable information.

BP, Novozymes, Scania and Shell have sponsored the initiative in the common view that biofuels, when sustainably produced, have a positive role to play in decarbonizing the transport sector in Europe.

Digest Senior Editor Meghan Sapp, also Secretary General of Partners for Euro-African Green Energy, is helming the project, which is not affiliated with the Digest.

Biofuels for Europe” aims to provide a fact-based, understandable source for information on biofuels, prepared by a selection of experts from the academia, who have summarized the latest scientific findings on key biofuels issues such as the impact on food and land, GHG emissions, energy security, cost-competitiveness and advanced biofuels. 

Claus Felby, Professor of Biomass and Bioenergy at the University of Copenhagen: “The big focus on biofuels has caused a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. This initiative will be a good starting point for basic knowledge and information about the different biofuels technologies”

Rocio A. Diaz-Chavez, Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Policy of Imperial College London: said: “Biofuels for Europe is the opportunity to disseminate the advances and improvements done on the different issues on sustainability and biofuels production , in particular for policy-makers.“

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