The Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy: GranBio Photo Votes for 2015-16

September 11, 2015 |

Here are the photo votes received for GranBio in this years’s competition for the Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy.

More on photo voting in this years’ rankings process, here.

Hot-2015-16-091115-34 Hot-2015-16-091115-33 Hot-2015-16-091115-48 Hot-2015-16-091115-35 Hot-2015-16-091115-11 Hot-2015-16-091115-12

PVs-091915-GBio-1 PVs-091915-GBio-2 PVs-091915-Gbio-3 PVs-091915-GBio-4 PVs-091915-GBIO-5


PVs-top-092515-1 HOT50 SHADES OF GRANBIO.JPG Palhaços IMG_1603.JPG NAPOLEONI Paulo e Balança cópia de IMG_20150918_161054438.jpg 2 Hot50 Neon PVs-top-092515-7 EINSTEIN luchtime

hot-100415-GranBio-Canaca de Flor hot-100415-GranBio-Goku hot-100415-GranBioLua hot-100415-GranBioMario

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