Canada opens C$3 million Agri-Based Industrial Bioproducts Research and Development Challenge

November 24, 2015 |

In Canada, the Agri-Based Industrial Bioproducts Research and Development Challenge will fund C$3 million for about 10 bioproduct development projects. Ontario has identified the development of bioproducts as having potential significant economic, environmental and health benefits.

Bioproducts include bioenergy – such as ethanol, biodiesel and combustible biomass; biomaterials – plastic, foam and rubber; and biochemicals – lubricants, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The challenge encourages companies with industrial bioproduct ideas to collaborate with academic research institutions to foster innovation and drive commercialization. Ontario Centers of Excellence and the Agricultural Adaptation Council are partnering with the National Science and Engineering Research Council, academia and the bioproducts industry to fund the program.

Anticipated projects will include the development of biocomposite materials to replace petrochemical-derived plastics; renewable plant-based oils to create biobased polymers; and plant-based proteins as an alternative to petroleum-based plastics.

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