Anellotech breaks ground on testing facility, gathering key data for commercial-scale deployment in 2019

January 31, 2016 |

In New York, Anellotech has broken ground on the installation of its fully-integrated development and testing facility (TCat-8). Construction of a building and related facilities to house the pre-built unit began today in Silsbee, Hardin Country, Texas, on the site of Anellotech’s operating partner, South Hampton Resources (SHR), a wholly owned subsidiary of Trecora Resources (NYSE: TREC). SHR received the building permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on January 20th.

As an integral component in the bio-based value chain, Anellotech’s proprietary thermal catalytic biomass conversion technology (Bio-TCat) cost-competitively produces “drop-in” green aromatic chemicals (benzene, toluene and xylenes, “BTX”) from non-food biomass. Scheduled to be fully installed and operational during 2016, TCat-8 will confirm the viability and suitability of the Bio-TCat process for scale-up, and generate the data needed to design commercial plants using Bio-TCat technology. The TCat-8 unit was jointly designed by Anellotech and its R&D partner IFPEN, and will use a novel catalyst under joint development by Anellotech and Johnson Matthey

“We are very pleased to break ground on TCat-8 installation and continue our momentum as we work with our partners towards scale-up and commercialization of the Bio-TCat process,” said David Sudolsky, President and CEO of Anellotech. “I would like to thank the SHR team and Hardin County, as well as all of our employees, partners and investors for helping us achieve this important milestone. We are well-positioned to continue our program to commercialize the Bio-TCat process to cost-competitively produce renewable chemicals from non-food biomass.”

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