Controversy reigns over Globiom study looking at ILUC

March 16, 2016 |

In Belgium, the European Commission is dancing around the release of the long awaited Globiom study earlier this week—after the closure of a four-month public consultation period on the future of the Reneable Energy Directive 2020-2030—saying that it was an external study that did not represent the views of the Commission. Yet the report clearly shows that sugar and starch-based biofuels have lower land use impacts and ILUC-related emissions, saying that policy shifts since 2012 have prejudiced Eastern Europe that would have benefited from further biofuel development from food crops such as corn, while urging a ban on palm oil-based biofuels and other products because of the negative environmental impacts from draining of peat bogs. The European Biodiesel Board has several concerns about the model used and the results from the study.

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