A successful supply chain strategy: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to Equinox

August 21, 2016 |

In developing a bioconversion project, the steps are numerous, interconnected and complex. Conducting a feasibility study, feedstock supply & market analysis, developing a business plan, funding initial development, choosing process technology, selecting a design/builder, selecting a site, applying for air permit, raising the balance of equity, negotiating marketing agreements, utility and transportation agreements, selecting risk management options, obtaining debt financing, hiring a project construction manager, and construction and start-up itself.

In this effort, supply chain risk analysis and mitigation may be the most complex step of all. At ABLC Feedstocks 2016, Equinox head Kyle Althoff gave this illuminating presentation on the steps, the order, the options and the outcomes.

1645_Kyle Althoff_Equinox_BD Biomass_Feedstocks_3

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