Flinders and University of California Irvine team on ‘paradigm shifting’ enzyme technology

August 31, 2016 |

In Australia, enzymes, described as the ‘engine rooms’ of the natural world, can now work up to 16 times faster thanks to ‘paradigm shifting’ technology developed between Flinders and University of California IrvineThe latest breakthrough adds to a suite of clean technology being developed by Flinders University with its novel Vortex Fluidic Device, which enables new chemical processing capability for a range of research and industry – from pharmaceuticals to biodiesel.

The latest enzyme processing VFD technique was developed via a successful collaboration between South Australia Premier’s Professorial Research Fellow in Clean Technology Colin Raston at Flinders and Professor Gregory Weiss at UCI. In the latest research, the VFD pressure waves were used to accelerate how quickly enzymes combine atoms (catalyse) to make molecules essential for the manufacturing of products ranging from medicines to biodiesel.

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