DOE announces funding for DuPont to optimize bioconversion technology

September 28, 2016 |

In Washington, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the initial selections for the second cohort of the Technologist in Residence (TIR) Program. Three national laboratories will receive nearly $1.2 million to advance collaborative research and development focused on improving the manufacturing processes of industry partners.

The TIR Program is designed to streamline engagement and increase collaborative research and development between national laboratories and private-sector companies. The program partners a senior technologist from a national laboratory with an industry professional from a clean energy manufacturing company or consortium of companies.

Among those selected included:

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and DuPont

This partnership will focus initially on biofuel production and the opportunities to optimize an integrated ethanol cellulosic technology pathway from feedstocks through bioconversion. The technologists at INL and DuPont will partner to streamline engagement across the national lab complex, break down barriers in working with the national labs, and increase collaborative research and development between national labs and DuPont.

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