Honeywell UOP scientist hauls in Houdry Award for applied catalysis 

October 22, 2016 |

In Illinois, the North American Catalysis Society has awarded its 2017 Eugene J. to Dr. Jeffery Bricker, Sr. Director of Research at Honeywell UOP.

Dr. Bricker’s achievements include the discovery of key reaction mechanisms in thiol oxidation chemistry in refinery fuels, which led to the commercialization of an oxidation catalyst that functions in the absence of caustic. The removal of thiols from refinery streams is required to meet fuel regulations because thiols left in fuel streams will degrade the fuel quality through gum formation and cause corrosion of metallurgy.

“Jeff’s contributions to applied catalysis research over several years have advanced UOP’s leadership in a wide variety of process solutions in the oil and gas industry,” said Jim Rekoske, Chief Technology Officer at Honeywell UOP. “Under Jeff’s leadership, our entire research and development organization has accomplished very high levels of innovation and commercialization of hundreds of new inventions.”

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